Property Owner FAQ's

If you're a property owner interested in our management services, have a read through the below, or get in touch with any further questions.

Who Pays The Property Owner?

They are paid direct by Airbnb after the first ½ days of each guests stay.

How Is Lettsgetsmart Paid Their Fee?

We invoice the property owner monthly at 15% of total rental income, plus the cost of any consumables supplied to the property.

How Do We Control The Quality Of Guests?

One of our responsibilities is to vet the potential guests via the Lettsgetsmart systems. This is a community which regularly reports and manages to build a picture of the clients.

What If Guests Damage The Property?

Fortunately this is rare, however the owner will be beneficiaries of Airbnb’s Host Guarantee policy of up to £600,000 per incident. This does not replace household insurance policies but is in addition to them and may cover incidents that cannot be claimed under them.

Who Cleans The Property?

Part of our responsibility is to clean the property, change the linen and towels and ensure that the property is ready for the next guest after each letting.

How Long Is The Property Committed To The Contract With Lettsgetsmart?

It is open ended. You can cancel it at any time, but if you cancel at very short notice, there may be some cancellation fees due to guests who have booked via Airbnb. Ultimately, you decide when you want the property let by Lettsgetsmart and when you don't.

Who Pays Utility Costs And Council Tax?

They are payable by the owner. It is possible for lettsgetsmart to take over this responsibility and reinvoice the owner.

Does It Make Any Difference If The Property Owner Is a Tax Resident Overseas?

No, the rental income is paid direct to whatever bank account is specified by the owner.

Who Decides On The Daily Rental Rates For The Property?

It is the responsibility of lettsgetsmart to determine the best rates to maximise income and we will do so unless the owner has any specific requirement that may influence this.

What Is The Relationship Between Lettsgetsmart And The Property Owner?

Lettsgetsmart is simply a service provider / management company. It has no rights over or lien of any sort on the property.