Our Fees

LettsGetSmart offers two options for property owners.


1. 15% Flat Management Fee

Our full management solution. LettsGetSmart will receive 15% (20% for the first three months) of the gross rental income that we achieve for your property.

This includes:

  • Cleaning and fresh linen
  • Bookings, guest management, key exchange, check in and out
  • Replenishing supplies (at cost)
  • No long term commitment required.
  • We rely on providing a good service to maintain owner's loyalty.

2. Guaranteed Monthly Rent

We can also give you the option of receiving a guaranteed monthly income regardless of how your listing performs.



Unlock the Real Rental Value of Your Property

Long Term Rental*

Rental Income per month = £1800
Estate Agent Management Fees
(14% Fee + VAT) = £253


Short Term Rental*

£100 per night x 28 Night = £2800
Airbnb (3%) + Management Fee (15%) = £504
Provision for council tax + utilities = £200


*Based on a typical monthly rental income for a two bedroom flat in W11