The LettsGetSmart Process



Introductory Call

Upon receiving your enquiry, your dedicated property manager will arrange a call to discuss your property availability and any requests, then follow up with a rental quote.


Property Visit and Brochure Preparation

Your property manager will arrange to meet you at your home, to take photos and property details for marketing purposes. We can discuss any further questions that you have. 


Listing and Optimising Rental Yields

Your property manager will list your property for your chosen dates, on your chosen platforms. Income will be optimised through real-time market updates and adjustments.



Responsible Property Management

Guests are carefully vetted by your property manager using our internal policies and any special requests. We meet the guests in person to outline protocols and instructions, and can be contacted at any time during the stay. Between each stay the property will be checked and cleaned thoroughly and the linen will be replaced.


Ratings Review

We will collect a review from you and the guest at the end of every stay. Ratings are used to assess performance and areas that can be improved, and collated so that we can further augment our guest suitability policies.



You will receive the rental payment directly at the end of each stay and then pay LettsGetSmart's fee from this. The cleaning costs are paid by the guest at the end of their stay. You are insured, by the platforms that we use to rent the property, for the unlikely circumstance that your property has suffered any damage.

How Much More Could Your Property Be Earning You?